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"We handle Insurance, so you don't have to!"


We can offer competitive options at no cost to you...Home/Auto, Life/Medical, All Commercial Lines including Workers Comp, Property & Casualty, Medical Plans, and More!


Lyft/UBER Drivers

Farmers has the Best "Ride Share" insurance offer.

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Pet Insurance

Dog & cat

​  ​Protection for your Furry Family Members

Farmers Insurance teams up with "Pets Best", the first veterinarian founded Pet Protection plan, to offer Pet Insurance for your Loved Pet...Dogs & Cats!


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Use Agents code 95359c 

for a 5% Discount!


M.O.R.E. Fundraiser event

Jason Richardson

Elite Heating and Air Conditioning

"Scott is my Insurance Pro! Scott is all about customer service. He has provided 100% customer service from day 1!  Scott will fight for and stand up for your business against the insurance companies on your business behalf. Scott and Farmers isn't the cheapest but it’s the best value I’ve ever had with an insurance agent. I vouch for Scott Edwards “Robert Edwards” 100%"

Farmers Visa Card

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Introducing Farmers Rewards Visa Card

Farmers has a Credit Card Program which offers Discounts, Great Rates, and No Annual Fee!

​3x Points for Farmers products, Home Improvement, and Fuel charges

1x points for all other expenditures.

1,000 Points! when you Activate

3,000 Points! after spending $500 within 90 days.....go to:

to sign up, mention code 95359c

More Testimonials

Robert Scott Edwards

Mukesh Patel

SellState Realty


Doug Ross

Pacific Bay Mortgage


Chris Gardner, Owner

Paintrite Pros Inc.

"an amazing job...fabulous...

handles all my business and personal Insurance for me"

Meet the Owners

Scott & Jill Edwards

 Jill and I have been entrepreneurs in this area for decades. We have owned and operated Comedy Clubs, Restaurants, a Travel Agency, Art Galleries, and now a 

Farmers Insurance Agency. 

It is all about Customer Service...we promise to put you and your Family first!


Yelp review June 2019.

If Scott's in your corner, you have NOTHING to worry about! Reliable, quick to respond and very friendly, Scott gets the job done every time! As a small business owner, my plate is full most days. When it comes to our insurance needs, that's one less headache, because I know Scott will take care of things! He's smart and knows his way around an insurance policy. He keeps me on track, reminding me of payment dates and important paperwork needed. He's also known to drop by, call or email just to say hello! When it comes to finding someone to help you navigate your insurance needs, look no further. Scott is your guy!

Review by:
9 Round Owner- Keba Arnold